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Monday, March 1, 2010

Pink Carnations

As I mentioned before, there are a few things we don't let run out here at our home, and one of them are fresh flowers. Some friends ask me if I spend a lot on flowers. Well, I really don't know because they bring me such JOY, specially because we have a very short spring/summer up here and I don't mind to spend a few extras on them. These carnations I bought this morning while grocery shopping. I couldn't resist to get them and lucky or not, they were 50% off the regular price. I've been enjoying so much cooking, trying new recipes and nothing better than have these beautiful flowers close to me while I cook. They are beautiful just for the simplicity, the delicate color, just to be...
Au Revoir... Li


Anonymous said...

I love them! We have this great flower farm here in OR where you pay .10 per flower. I give each of our 4 sons $1.00, pair of scissors, and a bucket and let them pick out whatever flowers they want for our home! Great time to spend with one another.

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

Breathtaking color...they offer a touch of classic beauty. I crave fresh flowers and any chance I have with them, I embrace.


Ange said...

The carnations are so love"li" ;o)
I also think your wire egg basket is very cute!

Millygarden said...

Feel the same as you, the flowers giving the home happiness...Smell and coloured att same time. Oh so i want spring and summer just just now! maby i going to buy some fresh flowers.Nice egg basket.

Many hugs

DustyLu said...

Thanks for stopping and visiting my blog, and following me. I now found you and love your blog too. Iam following you too. Off to check it out! ~lulu

Tina said...

Hi Li:) Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog:) Love those flowers, they are a gorgeous colour!! Have been having a lovely time looking through your previous posts, I just love that chalkboard plate that you made!!! Look forward to following your blog ~ Tina x

Unknown said...

Hi Li!!

How exciting to see you have a blog now~ I would be thrilled and honored if you wanted to post about your furniture. How have you and the family been? I was thinking about you the other day actually! And what's this you mentioned about moving??? feel free to drop me an email, I am dying for the updates~

Tracey @ My House of Giggles said...

I just stumbled into your blog from Ange's blog and it as the pink carnations that pulled me in :) I just bought the exact same ones yesterday....couldn't resist their fluffy pink loveliness!! I even have one in the exact same little white ikea vase :)

Thanks for sharing..


Apple Lane said...

Hi Li!

Thanks for stopping in, I have you on my blog "list" as well. I love the little vases you used for those pretty carnations, so sweet and simple!

I'll keep checking in to see what other great ideas you've come up with, love that chalkboard!

Smooches, Kaela

Deb said...

I too love to have fresh flowers in my home, tulips at this time of year. Nice to have found your blog!

candy said...

sooo pretty! :)

Unknown said...

Such beautiful flowers!and I too love your egg basket. Have a sweet day!