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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Game and a New Blog on the Block!!!

Hello Ladies,
I hope you all are having a wonderful and sunny week! At the moment, we are having rain, but it's wonderful to have the feeling of fresh and clean air. Not to mention, the grass and the flowers love it!
Dear Donna, from Donnatela Style invited me a couple of days ago to participate in a fun game.
So, here I am, after a few days doing it. It's about my sixth post. Do you remember yours? Neither do I...but it was quite interesting, because I had to go back in time (not so long ago) and the feeling when I did that post. I was in the middle of the winter here, when we have very low light from the sun and very cold temperatures!!! I remember I had to cheer me up somehow (and apparently it was just for myself!), 'cause no comments at all!hahaha. But even if it was only me and the computer, I got the warmth feeling remembering spring/summer was close, or at least in my mind.
So here are the pictures from my 6th post!
I made the table and hubby help me with a few details, like screwing, putting all together with me.
Got the chairs on sale from IKEA and stained them to match with the rest.

As we have this Hot Tub, and I was lucky because the previous owner left the stain for repairs, i stained the Hot tub and the table and chairs. It was wonderful to do this outside and when I could feel the warmth on my skin!

Thanks Donna for choosing Creamy White to participate of this fun game! I really enjoy it!!!!
Now, let's talk about the new Blog on the Block: Linda, from Painted Whyte has a brand new blog here for us to visit, exchange ideas, get more inspired! If you don't know Linda and her blog yet, got take a visit and enjoy her transformations and her talent! It's for sure a visit you will enjoy as much as I do!
Congratulations, Linda, for starting a blog and Welcome to this wonderful Place called Blogland!!!!
Ok, everybody, I have to go now...two little dogs are crying because they are all wet and muddy. And of course, mama Li here has to give them both a nice bath! I'll take pictures of them dirty and next time you will know what I was talking about!

Friday, April 23, 2010

~ Moving things around ~

Dear Blog Friends, It's been a while since my last post. Kids had competitions, rehearsals and tests at school, so time here has been very short for me to come and write. But I'm missing you guys dearly!!!!
Remember the space I made for myself? Okay, I had to find a place for the table and the mirror to be, right?
So, I decided to move them to the "Foyer". It used to be there a dresser I got at a garage sale, but it wasn't working very well there. The decision was: move the dresser to the basement for the near future "Kids Corner" I'm planing. Soon you will know, because I just sanded the wood table I got at Salvation Army for $9.99!!! It will be for the kids to study, do crafts, art work, etc. And the dresser, of course, to hold all the supplies and paper work from school. It's going to look cool, I promise!
Okay, here is the Front Entrance of our house and the "Foyer", inside:

The two bottles I saved from our boys drink called "Jones" when we go to Starbucks. Luckily, I went to a Antique Mall with a friend other day and found those blue ones...but here in the picture, since I took these ones in the end of March.
And the candle holders, underneath the table are from Pier1. Again, got them on sale for $2.98 each and they used to be green and one red. Just sprayed them in white.
I hope you all had a wonderful week and wishing you a warm and beautiful weekend!
Hugs from me to you,

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

~ Bathroom Makeover ~ Finally done!

Hello Dear Blog Friends,
I have finally finished the bathroom makeover. Probably after a month working on this and other projects as well, I feel good i finished this one. It's always one last thing to do, when you have a schedule in front of you. Next: the Kitchen! Yesterday, while talking with sister Liane on the phone, she explained to me the difference between Makeover and Renovation. I think I was saying mentioning Renovation instead of Makeover, sorry ladies, this waas just a little makeover. At least now I know the difference! Thanks Sis!
So, this makeover was so inexpensive that I will list what I spent:
  • Curtain shower: I had the white curtain, so I just added the ruffles on the bottom with fabric I already had as well;

  • The curtain rod: from "nature". We had a very strong wind a couple of days ago, and this branch was on the ground and I just trimmed to the size of the window. I wanted more pointy, but I can change it any time, right?

  • The bathroom cabinet: just painted and changed the nobs and pulls. Total cost for this: $ 29

  • The rest...I had everything.

  • My dried sage from my last year garden,

  • a little jar I just added a wire to hang up;

  • the IKEA hooks, I had in the garage and extra when I did a mud room! But it cost me $16;

  • the shelf I painted and I got three years ago. My neighbour left outside for someone like me to get it!

  • The floor: the same. I wouldn't dare to change it!

I decided to make window shade inspired by Ness, from Marley and Lockyer. When Ness post about the one she made, I completely fell in love with. Mine isn't exactly like Ness (Because od the fabric), but as I enjoy sewing(hers are linen, absolutely GORGEOUS!)I give it a try with the fabric I had at home.
Ness always make beautiful things, not to mention the pillows she sells! I would love to have one of each myself for my house!Just clicking above on her bolg's name you can go and visit her. I'm sure you will fall in love too!
The DIY I'll do it soon, together with other projects I want to show you.

So, let's get started:

Here is the window without the shade.

and the floor will remain the same...

This is how the cabinet was before the paint!
I added one more row, but then my daughter suggested, as I had a last strip left, to add one more.

The window shade I made with a fabric I got a time ago to make pillow cover. I just had to buy the organza ribbon.

That's it Pretty Ladies, mission accomplished!

With a little budget and lots of energy, we can create a new atmosphere to any space in our home!
I hope you like it!
I'm off for my daily things around the house!
Bon semaine! Have a wonderful week! Boa semana!


Friday, April 9, 2010

~Anthropologie and Brazil and a nice Giveaway from HOME AND HARMONY

I would like to introduce a Sweet and Delicate GIVEAWAY from HOME AND HARMONY. I love the delicate things RIE does and also how she can make wonderful things for her house and in a very nice budget. She is definitely one of mine! Her sense of style is so nice, and I'm sure you're going to enjoy this as much as I do. Just by clicking in Home and Harmony above you can find out how to do an entry to this wonderful giveaway. Good luck everyone!

Now, let's talk about Anthropoplogie...
With the summer just around the corner here, and I can't wait to start wearing shorts, sandals and probably be gardening soon, I would like to share with all of you nice pictures from Anthropologie catalog for this month. I got the catalog by mail, and when I opened the first page I had a blast going through it and recognizing all the places in Rio. Yes, the pictures were taken in a beautiful city called Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. I have to admit I got a bit home sick, but just looking at them made me happy!
When I first met the store was almost a year ago, when they opened here in Edmonton, close to where I live. A friend of mine, who bought a house in Phoenix as a gateway from the winter, told me about the store, and she said that every time she visits the store she would think about me: the way I dress, my summer sandals (from Brazil) and the way I like to decorate.
So, when they opened the store, I waited a few weeks to pay my first visit (I just don't like the crowd!).
One day, after I left the kids at school, I decided to go, right after them open, at 10 O'clock.
Wow, I had a blast really reminds me the stores in Rio de Janeiro and how "cariocas" dress themselves during summer time. As Rio can get chilly during winter because of the rain and humidity, the stores sell knitting cadigans, sweaters, and like Anthro , they don't have any heavy coat, just dress up ones.
So, these pictures were taken in Brazil and you can have an idea how Brazilians like to dress them up.
From these pictures you can have a perfect idea about Rio and how many artists go there to be inspired.
Diana Kraal recorded her last album in Rio and I saw an interview with here when she says it was one of the most interesting places she ever been.
Have yourself a BLAST!

This is in downtown Rio. This place used to be not very safe to walk, but now the city decided to preserve all the old monuments and "Arcos da Lapa" or Lapa Arcs is where you can find the artists, musicians hanging out after 4pm!

A typical "cafezinho" or little coffee with a very strong taste,
in a nice marble table!

A sidewalk in Rio and a summer dress, sandals, purse, and the hair is always flowing in the wind...
A table setting with Papaya and my favourite "bombom", a little chocolate wrapped in the bright yellow paper.  And the's to die for!
I love the mosaic

I know, I know, her dress is GORGEOUS, but look behind her...The history of the furniture, the details, the old scale...Priceless!

Leblon on Sunday, when they close the main street in front of the beach for the people to walk, skateboard, jog, take pictures like this one!

The Portuguese influence in the tiles
and the sidewalks, made from portuguese stones. You really step in history over there.
That's why Anthropologie and Brazil have so much in common and I think they found a wonderful place to show the similarities.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures! And good luck with your entry!
Have a beautiful weekend!
Hugs, Li