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Sunday, May 27, 2012

~ Do you like orange as much as I do? ~

Hello Everyone! Since I've moved 3 times in one year and got so much in touch with different colors (and believe me, I really did!), I kind of develop a sense (and a respect!) for bright colors. It wasn't by choice,though, because the house came like this, and we all fell in love with this house. Maybe I am a bit lazy to pick up ma brush and start painting everything white, but orange started to grow on me. Since, white, as you see, is the one I use the most around the house, I decided to leave the walls, that are already painted in orange the way it least for a while! And here is the pics from my beautiful orange scene around the house!
Hope orange starts to grow on you as much as did on me!It kind of reminds me Halloween, punpkins, Fall... 

fresh flowers from our garden!

just found a perfect hug for here, but can't get it yet!

That's it for today...

Wishing you all a lovely and peaceful week!