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Friday, July 16, 2010

~ Do what you love; love what you do ~

Hello pretty ladies,

Today here in Alberta we had lots, but I mean, lots of rain! For a moment I thought I was back in the tropics! Note that I'm not complaining here. Actually, I love rain. It cleans the roads, the air, everything looks so green. And I love green!
While we've been having a blast outside between lakes, festivals and lots of rain as well. I also been working while the kids are playing just in front of me!!! Yes, and here is a piece of furniture I did this week. It was fun and I just put this one few minutes ago for sale, so as I miss coming here too, why not show you guys this lovely cottage style dresser?
I hope everyone is having a wonderful time and I'll be back with more projects soon.

The grey top. I just add a different color for a bit of contrast here

And Anthropologie pulls, from $14 each to $2.95 on sale! What a bargain, hey?

That's the dresser before:

Lots of scratches on the top and everywhere!

But nothing like a sander to help in the process, right?

That's it girls, a brand new dresser.
I can't wait to finish the kitchen to show you guys!
Have a awesome weekend!
Love, Li :-)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

~ OFF from Blogging (for a while) ~

Hello Dear Readers,
It's been a while I haven't post anything here. Since the kids finished school it's been a wonderful time for us to recharge the batteries, sleep in and enjoy the beautiful weather we finally are having here in Alberta. Today we spent the day in a beautiful Lake 1 1/2hr from us and it was wonderful. But the thing is: I don't have time to come to the computer anymore. Because we are spending too much time outside (and too much for us here is never too much, believe me!) I barely have time to open my computer. By the time I think to come and write it's too late or the kids are asking for me to join them for a evening family movie! I simply can't resist that...
So, I'll be OFF from blogging for a few weeks or so. I'll be working in the kitchen Makeover, painting furniture and don't worry, I'll keep you posted when I'm done.
But for now, I think that's it.
I wish you all a wonderful time, no matter where you are, which season you are having, but simply a wonderful time with yourself, family and friends!
With love,
Li :-)

Here are some pictures for you. My daughter were too shy to pose this time...

Moraine Lake,Banff, Alta...It can be chilly there.


"Chilling out in the Street Car"

"And the boys chilling out with their Popsicles!"

Enjoying a nice summer day!

Enjoying simple things in a simple way...

Until next time!
Happy Summer for the North hemisphere and a cozy and lovely winter in the South!

Much love,
Li :-)