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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Antique bench ~ Before & After ~

Hello Ladies! I think I forgot to include this little Antique bench on my bedroom renovation post. I was quite lucky with this one, because I got it for free. Someone apparently didn't want this beauty anymore, (it wasn't a beauty before)and as I am a kind person who feels sorry for things left alone outside, I got it to give a new life to this poor little bench. I had to take 3 layers of fabric and I was quite discussed with I was seeing. I do have pictures, but I don't think it's necessary... But even with all the dust and dirties ( I wore a mask to protect myself!) I saw a potential with this one. So here is the result and the process of making it look nicer:

I bought this linen fabric, a more of a country style on a huge sale at the store. I paid only $1.25m. So, I still have some left for a future project. First I ironed the linen to to not have any wrinkles.

Then I cut the fabric + quilt batting. The fabric has to be a few cm bigger then the quilt batting. So when you fold it, you have extra material to hold all in place. I believe I left between 5 to 7 cm.
Place the bench seat upside down on top of the batting then fabric.
Then you will need a staple gun to fold both fabrics and staple everything together all around the bench.
I used 2 layers of the quilt batting to make the seat softer.
Then you start stapling, all around...
And in the corners, do the center first,
then fold one side first, staple. And then the other side, just like this.
Ready! The seat cushion for the Antique stool is ready to use it!
I sprayed white paint, 2 coats, let it dry, and lightly distressed the frame of the bench.
That's it Ladies, one more thing done.
Another piece for our bedroom
I hope you like it and until my next project!
I off now to help the kids with homework.
Have a lovely day,
Li :-)


angela walker jewelry said...

What an adorable bench you brought back to life! I have one that has a lid (we store shoes in it) and seeing yours painted white, makes me want to paint ours white also! I wasn't sure how to do the cushion part so thanks for the DIY instructions too!
Health and happiness,

Tina said...

It is gorgeous Li!! You are so talented in so many areas!! It looks gorgeous in your bedroom:) I love it! ~ Tina xx

Razmataz said...

Li, I love it. Do you ever stop! So creative! I have been given one of those bloggy awards and passed it on to you. You can pick up the award over at muy blog. Have a great night.

Ange said...

It's gorgeous Li. I'm so glad you posted about it. You did a great job recovering it. It is sometimes tricky working with stripes. You have managed to keep them nice and straight, well done!
Wasn't that fabric a bargain, love it.

Unknown said...

What a great transforamtion. Your bench looks lovely and you did such a good job covering the seat. It is beautiful and suits your room perfectly. xx

Kacey said...

Beautiful job! Free is GOOD!

liene said...

Hello! Så good makeover... I think it is such a great idea to save pennys and inviroment too...
I go to many bloggs like this to get inspiration for my own home...
I will be visiting you and Imake a link soon...
Have a lovely day!

Tracey @ My House of Giggles said...

I just found your lovely blog and I think we have been doing some very similar projects lately :) I just finished a little bench, almost identical to this one....and a dining hutch very similar to yours!

Come on by and take a peek if you like :)

I'm your newest follower :)