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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

~ A few more pillow covers~

AS the day goes by and I'm on a break for a tea with my lovely daughter (we love to hang out together!), I want to show you the pillows I've finished a couple of days ago. I showed the shirts on another post, now they became cut little pillows for our beds. Just remember to save nice shirts you're not going to use them anymore and Voilá, new pillows to decorate your home!

This is for Annikki's room!

A few more for my bedroom,

A closer look...

And this one I bought rickrack in two different sizes and sew them in a white cotton fabric

Have a good one!


angela walker jewelry said...

You are a pillow goddess Li! Your daughter is lucky to have you : )
Health and happiness,

Cottage Dreamers said...

Oh boy! More inspiration! I love the white pillow with the buttons.
☺ Celeste

angela walker jewelry said...

Hi Li, I left a message on your blog about your beautiful, magical pillows but it must have gone out into the wonderful world of blogland!
Anyway, I love your pillows and your daughter is lucky to have you as a mum!
Health and happiness,

Razmataz said...

You do a really nice job and so unique. The ruffled one is still my favourite.

Seawashed said...

These are so pretty! You are so very talented. I really like the rosebud and white button ones.

Ange said...

I love your new header Li! Also love all your pillow covers. I am going to remember this idea and use it one of these days. Thanks so much and have a happy day.

Janice said...

Your header picture is beautiful! And so are the pillows. The flowered one is so sweet. I still need to learn how to do buttonholes. Great job!

Tina said...

Loving your gorgeous pillows Li!! So clever and a wonderful way to re-purpose an old shirt. Your header is gorgeous:) Have a wonderful day ~ Tina x said...

Hi Li, these really are beautiful cushions you have made. Well done.

Ness Lockyer said...

They look great Li. I love that they are old shirts and I really like your ric rac one too.
Have a lovely day,
Ness xx