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Friday, March 19, 2010

~ For the love of Birds~

Today I had a BIG SURPIRISE arriving from 15.000 miles away. While I was helping my dearest friend Tete to start a blog herself (If you guys enjoy poetry from a sweetest heart) you can't miss to visit her blog: The door bell rang and was the post officer with this yellow box comming from Brazil. I got so  excited that I openned the box right away and showed her the beautiful things that was inside. My mother-in-law sent this box filled with beautiful crochet she made herself. It's all Crochet and she gave me as a gift this  Lovely curtain which I'll definatly put in our bedroom + 7 pillow covers!!!! Oh my Gosh...I think I'll be even busier sewing more pillows in the next  couple of weeks.
I've been collecting lately a few "bird things" and coindence or not, the curtain has a beautiful bird on it! Just too lovely...
I would love so say thanks for the wonderful comments and for the ideas for my bathroom. Yes, I'm working on the 3rd row of ruffles for the shower curtain and next week I'll be painting the walls in Pure White!
Here are some pics from the love of birds I have got.

The lamp shade I got "again" at ANTHRO". The original price was $48 and I paid $14. Good bargain, hey?

Mr Salt and Mrs Pepper!$2.95 @ Anthro + plate $3.95
Myself trying my best to take a nice shot!

The "surprise box"!

Well beautiful Ladies, I loved so much all your opinions from my last post. You all voted to white walls and one more row of ruffles, so here I am enjoying myself sewing and I'll be enjoying even more when it's all done! This is a wonderful terapy for me! I love decorating and putting my hands on work.
Have a lovely weekend! 
Take care, Tchau,
Li :-) 


Tina said...

Oh you lucky girl, what a lovely surprise box to receive!! I love that crocheted curtain, it is just beautiful! Hope you have a lovely weekend sewing. ~ Tina x

Julie Johnson said...

What a lovely box of goodies! I'm loving that little Anthro bird shade...I may have to take a trip over there. I have the spice jars in my fun!

angela walker jewelry said...

Li! How exciting to get a package in the mail!!! I love the little birds and the bird curtain! The photo of you taking the photo is really cool too!
Can't wait for that bathroom update!
Health and happiness,

Kacey said...

What a lovely surprise! Love all the birds. Very sweet!

Can't wait to see your bathroom when it's all done.

Stina said...

So nice and cute.:-)
Big hug from me. Stina

Razmataz said...

Li, What a wonderful suprise from your MIL. I have not really reen crochet sone in white, only that beige. It looks so modern and fresh in white. How sweet of her to made all of that by hand for you... and what treasures. Your bird lampshade is very sweet. Love the price too!


Deb said...

Such sweet gifts, love your anthro finds too! Excited to see the "new" bathroom, it's going to look great! said...

Oh my goodness that lampshade is adorable and yes you got a bargain!