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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

~ A little space for myself ~

Hello everyone! As I'm working "still" in the bathroom (I know I'm a bit lazy) and also making a nice space for the kids to work with their creations downstairs, I decided to have a space for myself too. I think I deserve it! And I have this desk/chair I got when I was visiting a friend in Calgary that needed to be painted. I got the set for $15 on sale @ Salvation Army. It was 50%off that day and my friend and I were so happy to be there without even knowing about the sales!
Here is the chair the way I found it:

And the table:
These nobs and a cup pull I found 2 months ago @ Anthropologie and they were on sale for $2.95 the nobs and the cup pull for $7.95. The fabric was another wonderful find. I got 50cm only, because I just needed to cover the seat of the chair and cost me only $0.80! It's a good match, isn't it?

Here are the results of the desk, chair and frame I had as well:

Now I have a place for myself here in the living room to check my emails, be inspired, and at the same time look outside and see the sun! Our home faces North/East and the sun shines a lot here in this room. The table with the mirror that was in this space before, I moved to the Foyer. I'll show you guys soon in another post. I also haven't decided yet if I should make a cork board with this frame or a chalk board...What do you think? I would love to hear from you!
Easter is approaching and we are here enjoying the Spring Break. The kids are really enjoying sleeping in and they are all very excited for Easter. We are going for a nice walk today to get some branches for our Easter Tree. I hope you all are having a good week and If I don't come back here until Easter, I wish you all a wonderful time with your families, friends, or even if you are by yourself, enjoy your time! We are never alone!
Happy Easter everyone!
With lots of love,
Li :-)


Kacey said...

Li, I love what you did! Everything looks great together. For the frame, I vote for a cork board. I think it would be more useful than a chalkboard...


Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

Is there room for 1 more in that precious space? I am in awe of not only the adorable pulls but the FABRIC. Wow!!! It is such a close match that I kept eyeing the fabric like a Where's Waldo to find the differences. Picture perfect!


Razmataz said...

Li, what a great spot for all your "bits". That frame has so many possibilities, you can easily change that up....and yo ucan't beat $15.00.

Have a great Easter with your family.


Anonymous said...

I say a cork board! Just easier to put up all those little pieces of papers we tend to collect w/ important info on them! ;-D And maybe a pretty drawing your children may create for many possibilties w/ size a nice size frame!

Stina said...

WOW, It's wonderful.
Big hug from Stina:-)

Anonymous said...

HI! I'm soooo glad you left a comment on my latest posting - I thought I had you saved as a favorite! I've missed some of your great postings. I got you now though! :) I love your new area especially that huge frame. I would love to find one that big and pretty. I say a corkboard - they are so handy.
Have a lovely Easter ~
Sarah xo

Valloittava valkoinen said...

Hi,Li you are so amazing!You seem to have so much energy to do al those lovely makeovers!

Take care and have a happy Easter!

Those yellow shoes look great.I think i have little same like those are but mine are white!


michela {mami g.} said...

Hi Li!
Good work! I love your frame and other furnishings...
Also I like to buy old pieces and paint these in white, cream and pastel colors (recently I bought a wardrobe, a single bed and a chair for my little girl's bedroom)
Good evening!

(I'm your new follower!)

Deb said...

Your desk and chair finds are lovely! I would put cork in the frame too.
Happy Easter!

Tina said...

Li, this is GORGEOUS! I love the chair and the desk! The pulls with the fabric are amazing!! I LOVE the large white frame and I would leave it as is or use a corkboard covered in linen. This whole room just looks so beautiful Li. Wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend ~ Tina xx

Unknown said...

I love your table and chair makeover. It turned out so well! I have been thinking about creating a space for myself in the lounge room similar to this. Thanks for sharing. xx

Burlap Luxe said...

Those sheets take me back to my childhood when I would visit my grandmother and help her hang the was...those were there days.

Love all the white and I am also a white lover of all shades of white.

keep inspiring.
come visit soon.

angela walker jewelry said...

Li! It looks lovely! I think I would go with the cork board. It will be more useful. Or maybe do half cork board half chalk board???
Hope you have a wonderful Easter friend!
Health and happiness,

Ness Lockyer said...

Hi Li,
It looks lovely and so nice to have a space just for you. I would vote for the chalkboard, but if you wanted to be able to pin things up you could always get the magnetic chalkboard paint,that way you can still hang up photos etc.
have a great Easter Li and I have enjoyed the emails =0)
Ness xx

Ange said...

It has turned out beautifully Li. You have done a very good job. I can't get over the match of the fabric with the handles! I love your basket of hydrangeas.
It's nice to see a photo of you too:o)
Enjoy your Easter weekend.

Alaina said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. As I can see you also are a woman who likes to paint and create. I am sure we will be watching to see the new project each other is done. I am from near the buffalo area and we visit Canada several times a year and we have family who have cottages in both Algonquin Provincial Park and and another about an hour past. Have a wonderful Easter.

Donatella said...

I say cork board i just think its more useful...they both will look great with what you have done... can wait to see what you pick...Have a Happy Easter!!

Tracey @ My House of Giggles said...

I love what you've done with your little desk and chair!! I can't believe how perfectly matched the fabric is to those Athropologie knobs!! I just bought a set of the same little knobs a month ago on sale too :) Aren't they so cute? I can't wait to find just the right piece of furniture for them.

Unknown said...

Love your space + your blog! What a fantastic spot for you time! I look forward to following :) xo

Linda @ Painted Whyte said...

I love it!! Do you have a before picture?

Rosangela Loeblein said...

Lindo seu trabalho!!!