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Saturday, March 27, 2010

~ A Light White/Grey Country Cabinet ~ Before & After

Dear Ladies, I've been dreaming to finish this cabinet and to show you all, you can't imagine... And finally I did it!!! Hooray!!!
When I got this piece at a Thrifty store near by, I was dreaming already to put it in this big wall we have in our living room. This one is a solid wood, which was wonderful to work with. Before I bought this cabinet, we were thinking to by an electric fireplace. But instead of spending around $500(I'm so glad we didn't), I found this piece for $80 and refinished myself. It took me a few months (it was too cold in the garage to work) and in 2 weeks, between painting the top, kids, blah, blah, blah....and one more day to paint the bottom part, I finally finished last Thursday. Sometimes I wonder if I'm too slow...some friends call me "laid back" though, but I don't rush with my life and sometimes we have other priorities.
Anyway, my love for refinishing furniture started when I was a kid. Back home, where I was born, in Brazil, we weren't lucky enough to have all Barbie's houses, clothes, furniture, not to mention accessories for them! So, my mom would helped me making the clothes for my dolls until I could do it myself and the furniture for the "pretend house", a man who worked in a farm I grew up, used to make it. I was in charge of painting the little furniture.
So now, when I get my hands on "working", my inspiration and passion come alive and very much from that time. I just love to do this.
The color I used to paint this cabinet was plain white as a base and I mixed grey to get a new color (two teasp.). It's hard to believe there is some grey in this cabinet, but comparing with plain white you can see the difference.
I didn't know if I would distress it or not, but when I did one door, I really liked it. Here is the final result:

These two chairs need a re upholstery too!

The white milky vases are all from Thrifty store ($1.99 each)and a Cuia Matte (little brown bowl with a silver straw) , where I drink "matte" or "chimarrão" with my friend, from South of Brazil.

Before I put the ring pulls,

After, with the ring pulls. They are from Lee Valley and cost $2.65 each.

It was fun to see everything coming together.

Mr. "curious" Jasper sniffing around!

That's how the cabinet was before the total makeover:

So, this piece came with no glass on the doors. Instead of glass, I chose "iron mesh" and cut them on the side of the frame.

Don't you ever underestimate the power of a new coat of paint!!! And don't be afraid of distressing the wood either. Even if you think you did to much, you can always go back, paint it again, and decide what's the best look for the furniture. This cabinet was be biggest piece of furniture I painted so far. But I had a blast when I finished!
Hope you all like it and have a wonderful beginning of the week!
Here is Spring Break for the kids, so that means, they'll be around and I'm sure we're going to have lots of fun!
See you soon,

Love, Li


Kacey said...

Wow! I love how it turned out. It's absolutely gorgeous! The mesh instead of glass absolutely makes the piece. Amazing job!

Tina said...

Li it is gorgeous!! You really have the magic touch with a paint brush and paint my dear - I love it!! Enjoy your beautiful 'new' cupboard, I love all of your beautiful things you have put inside it:) Happy day to you Li ~ Tina xx

Unknown said...

Oh Li, your cabinet looks fantastic! You did such a great job at transforming it and saved so much by doing it yourself! xx

Valloittava valkoinen said...

Oh my how wonderful change! That cabinet is so beautiful!


Razmataz said...

Li, you did a fantastic job! I think you did a great job styling it too. What a difference it makes to your room. Thanks also for th isea you gave me to use chicken wire instead of the glass on the cabinet I have where I broke the glass.

angela walker jewelry said...

I love it Li! The iron mesh really makes it look so unique.
What a beauty!
Health and happiness,

awal.ny said...

Awsome job, I too am a believer of a coat of paint is a cure for all bad furniture. I love that it has the wire instead of glass in the doors. Funny you mention about dolls and furniture, I too used to make my own, I also built the furniture, my dad let me use any of his tools as long as I put them back. Enjoy your holiday with your children.

A Ruffled Nest said...

Your cabinet turn out beautiful!! I love how you used the iron mesh in the doors!!!

You have a lovely blog I am so glad that I found it.


A Ruffled Nest said...

Your cabinet turned out beautiful. I love the mesh iron in the doors, it adds so much character!!

So happy to have found your blog, it's beautiful.

Sherrie said...

Congrats on completing this fabulous project Li.

Smitten Design said...

I love that project. I have been thinking of adding chicken wire to my built in and this makes me want to start that project.
Now I am off to read more of your lovely blog!

Gaia said...

this is amazing!Well done!
I've made my cabinet too form an old one I had!
I can't wait to show you the result!
I think it's fantastic...

I'm doing a giveaway! Would you like to join me?

Have a great week and happy easter!

Donatella said...

wow amazing !just gorgeous!!you have done such a great job!!love what you put inside it too(:

Linda @ Painted Whyte said...

ok sorry i found the before lol You did such a good job. Can't wait to see your stuff in person! I totally love the wire mesh.