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Friday, March 5, 2010

Feeling like a Queen

Friday, Friday! Nothing like start, not only the week, but the weekend with fresh washed bed sheets, change the bed cover, and having a cozy bed waiting for you at night or who knows for a little nap in the afternoon? Friday is the day of the week we love the most here! We can sleep in the next day, make breakfast on the weekend with the whole family together (daddy always leave home quite early during the week) and just enjoy ourselves. No plans at all for the weekend...Oops, I almost forgot! We might be going tomorrow afternoon for a movie. It's been a while we haven't done this and we've been waiting for Alice in the Wonderland...the kids are very excited here to see this one. We all love Johnny Depp!
So, yes, I made a nice pillow (actually I made three) but I'll post all them together in another post for sure, I promisse. So today I'm really feeling like a Queen! The house still have the beautiful Carnations leaving a nice smell around, all the beds are done, floors...everything looks good for a nice weekend here and I wish the same for all of you! A cozy, enjoyable, fun, quite, whatever you decide, but a wonderful weekend for you all!
Until next time!
Love, Li :-)


Wanda Lee said...

HELLO THERE fellow Canadian,

I have just discovered your delightful blog and am love, loven,loving both your delightfiul blog as well as what you created; how utterly delightful, dreamy,"Creamy White" and refreshing!

Do pop by and visit my little corner of the blogging world and perhaps become a follower of mine as well!..,

cheers and hug from Wand Lee @ The Plumed Pen

angela walker jewelry said...

What a beautiful pillow!!! You are so talented : )

Apple Lane said...

So pretty and feminine. It looks like a Rachel Ashwell pillow. Well done Li!

I'm not a sewer but my daughter is, I need to have her do this for me!

Ange said...

Wow Li, that pillow is just soooo cute. I love it! It is nice to get a glimpse of your bedroom, so pretty.
Enjoy your family weekend.

Donatella said...

very nice pillow!! the bed looks perfect!! have a great time at the movies! and a super weekend!

Brenda Pruitt said...

Well, I would love a weekend like that myself! I love your pillow. So soft and feminine. Great job!

Seawashed said...

That is so pretty. You are so creative! I wish I had a sewing machine. But I could never do that.

We will go see Alice And Wonderland on Monday for the first showing of the day when all the kiddies are in school. I don't like the crowded theatre...people are so rude nowadays.

Selina said...

I came over from Sarahs blog to have a look at the wallpaper, very impressive. What lovely pillows and lovely blog... I will be back

Between You and Me said...

OMgoodness...I love your room...great job! I just found your blog, and I love it...gotta tell you, the title drew me in...loving all things creamy white!

Anonymous said...

OH WOW!! I really L-O-V-E that "ruffle" pillow you made! I may have to copy that if you don't mind?!! Just SO cute! Have a great weekend!! -Kristen

sarah said...

yep I see them! thanks it looks FAB!!!

oh and lurve those cushions, I saw this on another blog ages ago and have been meaning to try it've inspired me...thanks


Anonymous said...

I just read through all your posts and what a beautiful blog! You have some wonderful ideas- especially this ruffled pillow which I am going to make today-it's beautiful!

Unknown said...

You are so crafty. I will be right over with my suitcase in hand and ready to shack up at your place for the week! LOL!

Deb said...

The pillow is so cute, love it! Hope you enjoyed the movie!

DustyLu said...

Oh my gosh you did an amazing job! I want to learn how to do that! ~lulu

Razmataz said...

I have just found your blog through Tina at Rubies Place. That ruffled pillow is fabulous! as is the whole bed. Looking forward to following.


Cottage Dreamers said...

I love the pillow! I think I can do that. I'll have to give it a try!
☺ Celeste

Janice said...

Oh it looks great! I love all white bedding. Great job on the pillow, the ruffles are amazing. Hope you had a delightful weekend!

michelle b @ every little thing inspired said...

hi Li,
your pillow looks great! definitely fit for a queen!! ive always wondered how to do the ruffles and figured it's fairly simple...i'll have to muck around a bit with the sewing machine!!
thanks for the inspiration!


Shades of pale said...

Hi there! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!
Please do swing into the shop if ever in town!
I love love the ruffle pillows
Talk soon Jenny

Lovely Little Nest said...

LOVE the pillow! Very crafty :)

Tina said...

Hi Li:) That pillow is gorgeous!! Your bedroom is beautiful and your new pillow looks perfect on your bed:) Wishing you a lovely day ~ Tina xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pillow -- simplistic sophistication. Thank you for sharing.


Maria | Vintage Simple said...

Li, the pillow is wonderful - I love it! Great job, dear. Beautiful.


Razmataz said...

Li, I am a keen follower of your blog and especially your white ruffled pillow. Not being a sewer, I could never tackle that kind of project. This weekend at a flea market I found a ruffled white pillow. I would like to feature it on my blog ,with a link to your original pillow post and use a couple of your pictures, but only with your permission though. Can you email me at let me know if this would be OK with you. Thanks,