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Friday, February 19, 2010

Old shirts? New pillow covers!

I can't think at the moment of anything easier then making these pillow covers. I made them a couple of years ago, when I would never think about having my own Blog. But now that I have one, you will see how easy it is to make them. I usually donate clothes we don't use it anymore, but these I couldn't resist, since I like plaid, floral, white and strips. So get some shirts (for example, those shirts your husband/kids/you don't want anymore) and you can create a fast and easy project to decorate any room you want in your house. You will need:
a shirt, sewing machine, and square pillows. Mine are 40x40cm, so for the cover, add an extra 2cm for each side for sewing. The good thing about this project is you won't need to add buttons and not even do the button hole!. It is already there. You will only be sewing a square and Pronto.

Have Fun sewing! Until next time,

:-) Li


Ange said...

Oh Li, I love this often the simplest ideas are the best! I am off to rummage through some bags of old clothes we have and see what I can salvage, thanks:o)

Seawashed said...

I have had some of my daughters floral shirts waiting to do that very thing for a long time now. Just waiting for a sewing machine. Yours turned out so cute.