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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Art Work

Many people spend thousands and thousands in Art Work. I really wish I could though, but at the moment the Art Work I collect are from my kids. And it is also a nice support for them continuing painting, drawing, creating! So, why not make a nice display of these Pieces of Art?
Remember the bathroom I'm about to finish? Well, I still have a little touch ups to do, but right now I'm playing with the decoration, and I want to share this little Art our daughter made for Father's Day last year. The other pieces from the kids I'll post soon, 'cause today it is the kind of "lazy"day we are going to do some craft, painting and pretty soon they be ready for our own private Art Galley under our own roof!

Thanks for visiting Creamy White.
:-) Li


Ange said...

What a clever girl, she has even got the lovely detail of the whitecaps on the waves. I tried to enlarge the picture to have a closer look but it wouldn't work for me. Tell her I think she did a wonderful job Li.

angela walker jewelry said...

What an amazing little girl and artist you have! I think it looks great. Can't wait to see more!

Dreamy Whites said...

You have a sweet blog, thanks for leaving me a comment I am now a happy follower.
take Care,

liene said...

Such a nice attityde to kids artwork i do the same... ieven say to my dotter that she is an artist allready.... Lovely !
Hello from Sweden!
Love your blog