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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vintage Fabrics

Hello Folks, as I'm starting to get excited here (it's really warming up outside!) I always take some time to clean up my closet and I found some nice vintage Scandinavian fabrics, crochet bed cover my mother-in-law gave me on my 30Th birthday, and some quilts shams I like it a lot and would like to show here. I never understood until I came to Canada what a spring clean up really meant (and also a closet clean up!). Yes, where I used to live before we don't do this because we can do this anytime, in any season. But here, it is a big deal and it feels soooooo good to do that anyway. today I spent some time doing that, looking for things we don't need anymore and taking some time thinking what can I do with a few things before I give them away.
Well, I'm quite excited too because next week will be even warmer and I'll start painting some furniture that are sitting in the garage for ages! I hope I can keep with my promise, since a few things can come up unexpectedly. But I really hope I can find some time to do that. I am missing painting... I also have this book that teaches in a very easy way how to do different types of cushions. It's lovely and again this book was a nice find and it will help me a lot with some projects I want to do in the future.

Au Revoir,
:-) Li

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angela walker jewelry said...

I just love the white blanket! Your chair display looks so pretty too. : )