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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beach Vintage

As I live a few miles away from the beach, it doesn't mean I can't bring a bit of the atmosphere to our home. Actually, our home is very much a beach, vintage, cottage, Scandinavian style. As we don't have a warm sand and nice blue sea water, at least we have the color I like so much: White. So, bringing the warmth of the beach here is a big deal, since I have to travel a lot to get to the real one! But nothing like being wrapped on the cozy blanket, having a warm place waiting for you! The white brings such Peace and I have a feeling that the whole house is giving me a hug like a warm cashemere sweater. I've been playing with colors for a while but as I always focus on white I did the kids rooms first in white furniture and add accessories in neutral tones. Now I have the time to continue my projects around the house. I'm having so much fun planning, dreaming, enjoying writing here. Is like I've been seen from people all over the world. Even if I'm just talking with myself, I'm happy anyway!
My next step is to purchase a Compressor. I talk with a guy today and he suggested me to have one, so I can paint the furniture in half of a time if I was using a brush only and I'm really thinking about that. I'm planing to buy a used one, just in case I don't like it.
Sometimes what is good for ones can't be for others.
Here are a nice blog I saw today. It's simple, fresh, just wonderful. I hope you all like it!
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