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Thursday, February 11, 2010

White Vintage Curtains

Which one should I pick?

I have been dreaming for a while of renovate the bathroom in our house, but in a very small budget. So, I have a few plans to start:

  • instead of removing the floor, I'll paint it in white (still I have to shop about how to) because I have no idea what kind of paint to use over a Linoleum.It's not a shinny one, so I believe I'll find something;
  • I will add a few accessories to lift up and make it more enjoyable. I love handmade, unique things and that will be the focus point in the tiny bathroom we have in the basement.
  • For the bathroom upstairs, I'll only put a new coat of "White", which will make the place much bigger and would love to change the bath curtains. But the ones I really loved are a bit to much of what I can pay, so I'm planing to make myself a curtain for the bathroom. These two curtains are simply lovely, aren't they? Well, wish me luck on my project!
  • The curtains shown in the pictures are from Anthropologie.

From you lovely blogger, Li

3 comments: said...

Hi Li, these curtains are dreamy and I love them both! Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage.

Caitlin @ That House on The Corner said...

I too have saved pics of these curtains for the day I plan to renovate our bathroom! I LOVE them both, but the top is my favorite.

However, I hope to sew my own to save myself a little cash :-) Good luck to you and be sure to post pics!

angela walker jewelry said...

I like the first pair... They are more unique!
Health and happiness,