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Monday, February 1, 2010

Living Light...

I have to say: "Nothing like living light!"I can't imagine myself living in a rush. No, no way! My lifestyle has changed so much in the past 10 years and it is changing everyday in a very peaceful way. I always tell the kids if they don't want to get late at school, wake up a few minutes earlier then, because we don't need to rush and it makes such a difference. We like to enjoy every moment without rushing (we try our best!) from breakfast to bedtime. So, as the days goes by, I feel like I've been neglecting a bit of my plans. I don't like clutter, and when I look at my garage...Oh my Gosh!! There are quite a few pieces of furniture there, piling up and I just look at them and feel I haven't done nothing. How sad... Anyway, I promised myself I will start painting this week( I really feel like it, but it's pretty cold in there!) Nice excuse, hum? Today I ended up stopping at a Thrifty Shop just for a quick look, as I had a few minutes before picking up my son at school. Yes, I found a few items: a nice mirror that I've been looking for ages for something like that and a couple of frames to put it together with the other ones I already have. That's it. I'm done for the week with shopping.
I also want to share this book with you guys and a little story. I grew up in a very little town, surrounded by nature, waterfalls, birds. It is a nice place to visit and it is the first place in the state of Rio de Janeiro the Finish people settle, almost a 100 years ago. I don't have any background with Finish, but I spent some time of my life there. This town has the atmosphere, the culture, a Finish Club (where we can dance Polka every Saturday night), the food, sauna and of course, the people. Their houses, furniture, everything they built was in a Scandinavian style, and I had a privilege to live there for 26 years of my life and enjoy all that. How funny life can be, I got married with a wonderful person, half Brazilian/half Finish! So, I feel a bit Brazilian/Finish and now Canadian! Our house is very much Scandinavian/Cottage Style. I think this is the closer style I can get to describe it. Yes, I have a passion for white, light, light blue and many more. But if I feel like red today, I can easily add a bit here and there and pronto: a new look is born. No rules here at our home about colors. I love them! But at Creamy White even though I'm painting most of the things in white, you will see colors as well in the future. Blue, grey, pink...any color you can possibly imagine!

Have a wonderful and light week!

Heihei, See ya,

:-) Li

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Seawashed said...

This book is just my style. I, like you, choose not to live in a rush...simple, quiet, meandering through the beauty of a day...thats me.