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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's and a Board to Remember

Number 5 is for our Family: hubby, myself, and 3 kids, and then 2 more members arrived last summer to our family! Jasper& Alice, our cute Westies!
This board used to have a cork background, so to make it more Chic, I bought a nice wool fabric, stappled at the back and Voilá, a new board is born!
The numbers are from Home Depot(very inexpensive) and I used a black pin to attach the numbers on the board. I also used pictures corners so I can change the photos easily without damaging them.

Dear Blogger, I wish a Happy Valentine's Day to all! Even though some places doesn't celebrate this holiday, it is a nice way always to remember your friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend, your kids, whom ever is important to you!
I had a very calm day with our 3 kids + 2 puppies! Very relaxing, and tomorrow here in Edmonton we have another holiday: Family Day!!!!! We are in the only Province in Canada that celebrate this date and we also celebrate ourselves here because this holiday, 12 years ago, I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, Annikki, now 11! Wow! Time really flies...So, let's celebrate, be thankful for our lives, for being healthy, happy! I wish you all a wonderful valentine's and if you don't celebrate, it doesn't matter, just receive my love now.

XoXo, Li


Ange said...

Your picture board is so lovely Li. I like the way you used the numbers and the photo corners, great ideas.

Millygarden said...

So nice that you find my blog and that you like it. Like your wonderfull picture board!

Kind Regards

Ange said...

Me again Li:o)
I grew up in Tauranga which is in the Bay of Plenty and it would still be my pick of places to live if we ever go back to NZ(fingers crossed!). Hope it all works out for you.

annashusidingtuna said...

Great idea!
Hug Anna

Leticia said...

I love it!! Great ideia as always!!