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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Passion for white has a long story. But to make the long story short, I kind of worked more with whites with myself over the past few years, from clothes, duvets and sheets for the beds. The furniture itself came little by little, starting from the kids crib (It was one for all the kids; they are 3 years apart!) beds, dressers, frames...then came our own bedroom. The Bed of my dreams. I waited for over 10 years and on our 13th anniversary Nick (the hubby) surprised me with the bed. It is a Canopy bed from Pier1 Imports, a beautiful store, but doesn't have much white things there, just a few pieces. The bed was one of them. Anyway, I think I'm making the story long now. Going back to my childhood, I always loved white, since a kid. White blouses, dresses, skirts. My uniform was pretty much jeans, white t-shirt and a Converse. I remember every New Year's Eve, the preparation for all of us in the family dressing white. It is a tradition in Brazil, and It is something I'll carry on with me to the end, because it is a beautiful way to start the new year, bringing PEACE to your soul. I love that tradition.
So, the passion for white, then came blue, light colors, baby blue, baby pink. They all mix so beautifully with white and every time I come home I can feel the peace, the smell of the incense, not to mention the fresh flowers Nick always brings home from the market. I can see myself picking my own flowers from our garden, the herbs, the eggs from our chickens... how wonderful it is to dream. And I really want mine to happen, so I don't stop dreaming.
These shirts I have for over 10 years and as everything has their time here in the Planet, I think I'm going to transform them into a nice, cozy, lavender pillows for Annikki's and our bedroom. What do you think? I might be sewing today. It looks pretty damp outside and nothing like having a warm, cozy place to hang out with your family and enjoy something you like to do, like sewing for me.
I'm listening right now to Aretha Franklin. Just love her!!! Her voice, the emotion she puts when she is singing it's absolutely fantastic. I wish I could be sharing this song with you all...
I'll see you soon...
:-) Li


Seawashed said...

I want to see your dream white canopy bed...we almost bought our white bed from Pier 1 Imports but then found one like it on sale at World Market. I do love Pier 1 and have many things from there. I like to shop there during the holidays.

Ange said...

I can picture you now your new place in NZ with your herb garden and your flower beds and your chickens....I'm making myself homesick, better stop!
Enjoy your sewing day.

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

I am DELIGHTED to have found my way into your world! I am in love with your style. You have such a beautiful home...I think I am smitten. Love your blog my dear. I can not wait to continue the journey with you.


michelle b @ every little thing inspired said...

Hi Li,

thank you so much for following me!! i thought the same thing about your blog, too!

great to be connected with you!