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Monday, February 22, 2010

Candles, insence and music

Happy Monday every one! Maybe I should say Happy Tuesday for some of you around the globe?
Anyway, here are three things I usually don't let run out of it here at Creamy White: candles, incense and music.I don't watch the news, prefer music though and they always make me happy.
With all the windows closed for many months of the year and with all the cooking inside the house, incenses are just perfect to give every room a new fresh smell and bringing a calm and relaxing feeling, as well as candles and a nice music. I pretty much listen to may different kinds of music, don't have a specific type, but I really like music form the 80's, 70's, nice rock, sometimes classic, etc. I could go on and on about this topic...but gets to personal, right?
I'm finishing a photography course this Thursday, so here are some pics for the last class. I hope the teacher likes them.

Enjoy the week,


1 comment:

Ange said...

How do you do that Li, get the background of your photo out of focus and the subject so clear??? Very clever. That's a lovely bowl with the candles in it, love it.