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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Game and a New Blog on the Block!!!

Hello Ladies,
I hope you all are having a wonderful and sunny week! At the moment, we are having rain, but it's wonderful to have the feeling of fresh and clean air. Not to mention, the grass and the flowers love it!
Dear Donna, from Donnatela Style invited me a couple of days ago to participate in a fun game.
So, here I am, after a few days doing it. It's about my sixth post. Do you remember yours? Neither do I...but it was quite interesting, because I had to go back in time (not so long ago) and the feeling when I did that post. I was in the middle of the winter here, when we have very low light from the sun and very cold temperatures!!! I remember I had to cheer me up somehow (and apparently it was just for myself!), 'cause no comments at all!hahaha. But even if it was only me and the computer, I got the warmth feeling remembering spring/summer was close, or at least in my mind.
So here are the pictures from my 6th post!
I made the table and hubby help me with a few details, like screwing, putting all together with me.
Got the chairs on sale from IKEA and stained them to match with the rest.

As we have this Hot Tub, and I was lucky because the previous owner left the stain for repairs, i stained the Hot tub and the table and chairs. It was wonderful to do this outside and when I could feel the warmth on my skin!

Thanks Donna for choosing Creamy White to participate of this fun game! I really enjoy it!!!!
Now, let's talk about the new Blog on the Block: Linda, from Painted Whyte has a brand new blog here for us to visit, exchange ideas, get more inspired! If you don't know Linda and her blog yet, got take a visit and enjoy her transformations and her talent! It's for sure a visit you will enjoy as much as I do!
Congratulations, Linda, for starting a blog and Welcome to this wonderful Place called Blogland!!!!
Ok, everybody, I have to go now...two little dogs are crying because they are all wet and muddy. And of course, mama Li here has to give them both a nice bath! I'll take pictures of them dirty and next time you will know what I was talking about!


Achados de Decoração said...

Hi Li! I´m back, but let´s speek in portuguese, right? rsrsrs

É tão estranho ler você em inglês e escrever em português. Se vc quiser, escrevo in english para suas leitoras entenderem, tá? sei lá, pode parecer falta de educação da minha parte..well..você mora numa casa muito gostosa, não? que delícia! eu moro em SP e meu apartamento não é pequeno, mas nada como uma casa, concorda? dorei a brincadeira do 6. post ahaha

Anonymous said...

Hi! My 6th post was only a couple of months ago but it does seem like forever! Your porch looks great and how lucky you are to have a hot tub.
Thanks for giving us a new blog to look at ~
Enjoy your evening!

Glamorous Girl Gone Goofy said...

Thank you for telling us about Linda. I am headed over there now...

Anonymous said...

Hi! Wow you did a great job on that table! What a fun game! Headed over to check out Painted Whyte. Hope your having a great day! xoxo

Razmataz said...

Hi Li, thanks so much for the intro to this new blog. I will go and have a little peek......

Linda @ Painted Whyte said...

Hi Li! First i have to say thank you so much for mentioning me in your blog - i am totally excited because i just hit 20 followers woohoo I am so excited to hear what they have to say, comments and suggestions. I love blogland!!!!

Second, did you say you MADE the table? Wow it looks awesome - and that hot tub - now i have to come over for a visit forsure lol I can't wait to meet you in person - lets do coffee my dear blog friend :)
thanks again

Seawashed said...

Li you have made a cozy lil space there on your patio. I've never even thought to stain those Ikea wicker chairs...they look so much better.

Now I will go visit Linda.

Minnie said...

Ah, it is nice to see you in your beginning stages. I remember how difficult those first few posts are, putting your heart into your writing but not sure who will read it. Well, I'm happy to see your backyard project. It looks like a great place to relax and enjoy your family.

Donatella said...

Thanks for playing your table is lovely great color... off to ck out lindas blog thanks for sharing...hugs~

Marina of Printable Expressions said...

Hi Li, cool the 6th post and the space looks great.
Checked out Linda's blog thanks for the intro. Hoping sun comes your way soon.


C'est La Vie said...

this weekend was SO nice!! is a BLIZZARD out there now. literally. in may. seriously.

Dreamy Whites said...

I just wanted to tell you that you have a beautiful blog!
Take CAre,

Dreamy Whites said...

Dear Li,
Thank you so much for the comment on my blog!
I am really sorry about the misunderstanding, I hope you got my emails.
I want to tell you how much I love your bathroom.
I use twigs for my curtain rods too. I also love your header. Did you take that photograph?

Take CAre,
I hope you don't mind if I give you a better email to reach me at.

Ginger@cottageonrosewood said...

Thanks for the heads up, I'm headed over to check it out.

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Love how bloggers are playing this game right now :) Your backyard is really pretty! We have a hot tub but my dog keeps tearing all the lighting and wires out becuase of a ....mouse maybe? So we will see if it works this summer or not. Thanks for the link on the new blog :) Enjoy your evening!

Deb said...

Hey Li, cute little patio area, love your Ikea chairs! Don't ya love Ikea? Headed over to visit Linda now, have a wonderful Friday! Deb

Tina said...

Li, your back garden projects look amazing!! How lucky you are to have a hot tub!! I just love the table you made, so clever!!! I hope you are able to enjoy that outdoor area now that Spring has arrived in your part of the world:) Wishing you the loveliest day sweet Li. Big hugs to you ~ Tina xx

Ange said...

Hi Li, yes, I wish we lived closer too and maybe we will someday if I ever get to move back to Tauranga! I would be more than happy for you to mention me on your post. I'm looking forward to seing exactly how you made those flowers :o)

WhiteWhispers2u said...

G'Day~Thanks for sharing, table looks great! I will check out Miss Linda.~Cheers Kim

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, sensual & poetic, I love your blog!

Thank you for nice comment on my Wabi & Sabi blog!

Agneta, the swedish one ;)

beachhouse etc. said...

love the laundry on the line i recently started to put my sheets out on the lne and my son who is 12 always ask me are these sheets sun kissed? he really likes the smell and the crisp feel...have a sunny day..suzanne

{oc cottage} said...

LOVE your table!!

m ^..^

wendy NZ said...

Hi Li
just wanted to say hello from new zealand.....its raining here too.....
your patio looks very inviting!!!!

Linda @ Painted Whyte said...

Hi Li! Guess what? I popped into Stony Plain and was going to introduce Kevin to one mans treasure, but it was closed :( Buutttt.... they had a sign on the door about a garage sale they are having rain or shine i think on May 29th (same weekend as the Morinville one)... so i was thinking, mini road trip??? Interested?

Stina said...

Thank you my friend!
I really like your house too.;-) Hug Stina

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Just stopping in to say hi and thanks for stopping by today!
Kristin said...

I did this last week, it is such fun isn't it. To see how far you have come.

Anonymous said...

Hi Li!! Your backyard is AMAZING!! (I love the color of the stain!) It looks so relaxing yet also a fun place to hang out with some great friends and good food!