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Friday, April 9, 2010

~Anthropologie and Brazil and a nice Giveaway from HOME AND HARMONY

I would like to introduce a Sweet and Delicate GIVEAWAY from HOME AND HARMONY. I love the delicate things RIE does and also how she can make wonderful things for her house and in a very nice budget. She is definitely one of mine! Her sense of style is so nice, and I'm sure you're going to enjoy this as much as I do. Just by clicking in Home and Harmony above you can find out how to do an entry to this wonderful giveaway. Good luck everyone!

Now, let's talk about Anthropoplogie...
With the summer just around the corner here, and I can't wait to start wearing shorts, sandals and probably be gardening soon, I would like to share with all of you nice pictures from Anthropologie catalog for this month. I got the catalog by mail, and when I opened the first page I had a blast going through it and recognizing all the places in Rio. Yes, the pictures were taken in a beautiful city called Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. I have to admit I got a bit home sick, but just looking at them made me happy!
When I first met the store was almost a year ago, when they opened here in Edmonton, close to where I live. A friend of mine, who bought a house in Phoenix as a gateway from the winter, told me about the store, and she said that every time she visits the store she would think about me: the way I dress, my summer sandals (from Brazil) and the way I like to decorate.
So, when they opened the store, I waited a few weeks to pay my first visit (I just don't like the crowd!).
One day, after I left the kids at school, I decided to go, right after them open, at 10 O'clock.
Wow, I had a blast really reminds me the stores in Rio de Janeiro and how "cariocas" dress themselves during summer time. As Rio can get chilly during winter because of the rain and humidity, the stores sell knitting cadigans, sweaters, and like Anthro , they don't have any heavy coat, just dress up ones.
So, these pictures were taken in Brazil and you can have an idea how Brazilians like to dress them up.
From these pictures you can have a perfect idea about Rio and how many artists go there to be inspired.
Diana Kraal recorded her last album in Rio and I saw an interview with here when she says it was one of the most interesting places she ever been.
Have yourself a BLAST!

This is in downtown Rio. This place used to be not very safe to walk, but now the city decided to preserve all the old monuments and "Arcos da Lapa" or Lapa Arcs is where you can find the artists, musicians hanging out after 4pm!

A typical "cafezinho" or little coffee with a very strong taste,
in a nice marble table!

A sidewalk in Rio and a summer dress, sandals, purse, and the hair is always flowing in the wind...
A table setting with Papaya and my favourite "bombom", a little chocolate wrapped in the bright yellow paper.  And the's to die for!
I love the mosaic

I know, I know, her dress is GORGEOUS, but look behind her...The history of the furniture, the details, the old scale...Priceless!

Leblon on Sunday, when they close the main street in front of the beach for the people to walk, skateboard, jog, take pictures like this one!

The Portuguese influence in the tiles
and the sidewalks, made from portuguese stones. You really step in history over there.
That's why Anthropologie and Brazil have so much in common and I think they found a wonderful place to show the similarities.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures! And good luck with your entry!
Have a beautiful weekend!
Hugs, Li


Razmataz said...

Oh how I would love tosee Brazil one day. Thanks for the peek into Anthro and Brazil.

Have a great weekend too!

Deb said...

Rio truly is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Tina said...

Oh My!! Now I see why everyone in the US and Canada love Anthropologie!! I love the yellow ruffled top in the second picture - gorgeous!! Good luck to you Li for Rie's gorgeous giveaway!! have a wonderful weekend my sweet friend ~ Tina xx

Donatella said...

Such a pretty place...thank you for sharing... good luck with Rie's giveaway... hope your having a great weekend~

Anonymous said...

Oh I Luv Anthropologie too! Sometimes I can't afford what I want there but I do my best to replicate it somehow! Great post!!

Deb said...

A beautiful shop and a beautiful city! How nice that you live so close to an Anthro store, would be very dangerous for me! Hope you are having a great weekend Li, good luck on the giveaway! Deb said...

Oh my goodness that yellow sweater is to die for!

Anonymous said...

Love this post, love the way you write, so relaxed and easy to read!

glad to have clicked on over here...i'm your newest follower!

come by and see me too sometime!
I've got two blogs...great to see you there!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Millygarden said...

Beautiful posts I love the clothes and they remember me about the summer that´s comming soon!

Many Hugs

Unknown said...

Oh Li, thank you so much for sharing the images and your knowledge of Brazil, it has made me wish I could visit there! I just read back through your last few posts and I love your bathroom, it looks fabulous and I was greatly encouraged after reading your story. I am very thankful that you managed to get better and are now able to share your wisdom with others. Big hugs to you. xx

Minnie said...

I love Anthropologie and their catalogs. Their latest was definitely one of my favorites and I couldn't figure out where they photographed it. What a nice surprise to find out where on your lovely blog. I enjoyed reading your post on this, and most of all, finding another Anthro kindred spirit!


Oie vim te visitar e retribuir as visitinhas também. Já vou te seguir para acompanhar essas fofices que você posta. Agora, preciso te falar, que casa mais fofa que você tem!!!!!! parabéns!beijos querida

Gaia said...

Antrhro has everything I love and I need... Still snowing?