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Monday, January 25, 2010

Kids Room

Hi Folks!
Today I'll post a few pictures of the kids bedrooms. I did the cover of the pillows, and decorate the room, of course!The kids really trusted me on that! And also, they helped me organize and arrenge the things around. We sure had lots of fun doing it.
On the big pillows I did a navy tide ye to have a beach look at the boys room and engraved their names on the small ones. I find monograms always cute, so I got the initials of their names to give a nice touch. So, since the bedrooms are the place where they spend a very good amount of time, I let them picked the color of the wall. Why not? The boys chose (after hours of indecision) a very nice Blue called Niagara Falls. I love it! So perfect for where we are,hum? And our daughter chose a nice lavender, very soothing color and it really made her small room look bigger at the end. All the furniture are from IKEA, but in the future, I go get old ones and transform them into new! I can't wait to do that!
Here are some picks of their rooms:

Have a great Monday!

:-) Li

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