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Friday, January 29, 2010


Hi Folks! Almost three summers ago when we bought our first home (a cute Bungalow in a little private area), I was completely overwhelmed with things to do between unpacking, painting walls, changing floors, etc. So, to quiet my mind and have a little break, I decided to work a bit outside to enjoy the few weeks left for us before the Fall comes. I found in the shed exactly 4 supports for handrail from the basement (left overs) and also 3 cans of stain.
What to do with those things? My mind was quite busy trying to figure that out.
I also had a queen dais from a previous IKEA bed that we weren't using anymore and then I finally had an idea of making a patio table, since we didn't have any to eat outside.
It was an easy project to do and Nick,my hubby, of course, gave me a little help to put it all together. The best part? We had so much fun doing it and even though I can't guarantee that it is a very durable table, it will last a couple of years to come.
And we all have been enjoying eating (when the weather permits) outside!
The pillows used to be my husband's shirts, so as he wasn't wearing them anymore, again, I recycled!!!!

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