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Friday, July 16, 2010

~ Do what you love; love what you do ~

Hello pretty ladies,

Today here in Alberta we had lots, but I mean, lots of rain! For a moment I thought I was back in the tropics! Note that I'm not complaining here. Actually, I love rain. It cleans the roads, the air, everything looks so green. And I love green!
While we've been having a blast outside between lakes, festivals and lots of rain as well. I also been working while the kids are playing just in front of me!!! Yes, and here is a piece of furniture I did this week. It was fun and I just put this one few minutes ago for sale, so as I miss coming here too, why not show you guys this lovely cottage style dresser?
I hope everyone is having a wonderful time and I'll be back with more projects soon.

The grey top. I just add a different color for a bit of contrast here

And Anthropologie pulls, from $14 each to $2.95 on sale! What a bargain, hey?

That's the dresser before:

Lots of scratches on the top and everywhere!

But nothing like a sander to help in the process, right?

That's it girls, a brand new dresser.
I can't wait to finish the kitchen to show you guys!
Have a awesome weekend!
Love, Li :-)


Tina said...

Hi Li, so lovely to see your post:) WOW, I love this dresser!! The grey top looks great and I just LOVE those drawer pulls!!! Wish I lived nearby because I would snaffle it up:) Hope you are enjoying your Summer, even with the rain:) Happy weekend my lovely friend. Hugs to you~ Tina xx

Laura said...

Hi Li,
it looks so fantastic!! If I was over there, I would buy it myself! it looks so great! Its nice that you did decide to post again, but i totally understood your last post; I was going to write to you, its been a crazy week.. But your kids look so adorable, and you looked so happy and relaxed in the pics! My two cousins live in canada; I should find out where, I cant remember. One of them married a canadian girl and he moved there, now his brother has joined him. Must find out... Not sure if you will get this as my computer is playing up! Have a really great weekend Li, hugs to you
Laura xxx

Achados de Decoração said...

Li do céu, ficou lindo, pelo amor!!!! parabéns, bjs querida

Anne said...

What a transformation!! This dresser it a beauty now. I love the pulls and the colors you chose. Great work, Li! It looks perfect in its new home. I am glad you are having a good summer. Enjoy the weekend and thanks for stopping by to visit me.

Deb said...

The dresser is gorgeous! How can you let it go?

Linda @ Painted Whyte said...

Hi Li! I've missed your posts. Wow what a transformation - and i am so jealous you found that hardware at Anthropologie for $2.95 - i think i've been going at the wrong time lately because all the sale stuff is gone already lol. I can't wait to see your kitchen!!!!

Julie said...

wow. what a lovely make over. You did a great job. Thank you for sharing.

Julie x

Jen said...

Looks great!
Love the pulls!

{oc cottage} said...

Those pulls are fabulous! Can't wait for the "reveal" of the new piece!

m ^..^

Razmataz said...

Hi Li, Wow that thing was awful before. You have really worked your magic. Love the pulls and the price! I love the way you styled it with the bottles and jars and galvanized bucket.

Looking forward to seeing your kitchen.

Unknown said...

Hi Li!!! Wow! you're back! and with a fantastic post!!! You did an awesome work with that dresser! Absolutely LOVE it!!!

Have a nice new week!

Anonymous said...

Hi Li,
What an amazing transformation! It looks great!
I would be so happy to get just one day of rain right now. It's sooo HOT where I live right now.
Have a nice day,
Hugs ~ Jo :)

raquel pedruzzi said...

Oi Li! Passando aqui para conhecer você e seu lindo blog! Seu móvel reciclado ficou um primor, amei! Boa sorte na sua reforma da cozinha, acho que ela vai ficar bem clean com os armários em branco. Minha sugestão é que você escolha uma cor vibrante para pontuar em objetos de decoração e de uso da cozinha! Vai dar um contraste bem bonito com os eletrodomésticos (prata/preto) e com os armários (brancos). Parabéns por sua disposição e capricho nos trabalhos de decoração!
Quando quiser aparecer para uma visitinha, meu bloguito está de portas abertas:
Bjs e boa semana!

Heaven's Walk said...

Hi Li! Beautiful work on that dresser! Can't believe the incredible transformation. Those pulls make all the difference in the world, don't they? Great deal on those, for sure. You do nice work!

We've been having a very hot and humid summer down here in Michigan. But not going to's much better than 20 degrees with snow! lol!

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

Tara said...

Wow...Love it.You did a fab job..I'm working on an old sideboard at the moment,pop over and have a look.xx

Pamela said...

Hi lovely Li!!

What a transformation! OH my goodness this dresser is beautiful. You did a fantastic job.
We have had no rain in a month here on Vancouver Island! Lots of sun but we do need some rain...maybe you can send some!!
Hope your having a great summer.
Pamela xo

Minnie said...

Beautiful job! The white looks so crisp and I just LOVE those drawer pulls. I can't believe I missed them at Anthropologie. It looks like you've been busy even with the kids home from school. I myself had to take a break from blogging, partly due to all the summer activities with my kiddos. Glad to see you're enjoying the summer.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Li,

What a metamorphose for that dresser and quite a job!

Greetings from Georgia/USA


Burlap Luxe said...

Great job and so many rewards in transforming the old to a renewed look.
Beautiful job

Unknown said...

Que trabalho primoroso, você é muito talentosa e os detalhes super inspiradores!

Sarah @ Cozy.Cottage.Cute. said...

Hello, just found your blog and am a new follower. I love your white dresser. Those pulls are perfect!


Simple Daisy said...

Wow!!! Your dresser look amazing!
I love the grey top! Perfect:)

raquel pedruzzi said...

Oi Li!
Depois de um tempão vim agradecer sua visita e suas carinhosas palavras no comentário que me deixou!
Estou com problemas com meu Desktop e não estou postando com a frequência de sempre... Mas breve terei resolvido tudo e poderei acessar meu arquivo de fotos e imagens para os posts!
Estou conectada agora no Note do meu filho, que deixou emprestado comigo enquanto conserta o "encrencado", rs...
Virei sempre te visitar aqui e quando quiser apareça lá no meu cantinho também!

Ange said...

I'm a bit late with my comment Li! Hope you're doing ok.
Your dresser looks wonderful. How is your kitchen coming along?
I have posted today about some lamps I found. they are green so i thought you might like them :o)

Simple Home said...

It looks wonderful. I have one I've been afraid to paint, but now seeing yours, I'm wondering why I was.

Minnie said...

Hi Li, I"ve missed your posts. I hope you're enjoying your blogging break. I inadvertently took one as well and feel refreshed again. It was great coming back to this post as I so enjoyed this dresser transformation. Best to you and your family. A warm hug from your blogging buddy in California.

Passionate for White said...

I can hardly believe it's the same did a remarkable transformation!

Deborah said...

Amazing job!! It looks wonderful...what a difference!!!

Deborah :)

Paper Tree Studio said...

Wow, the dresser looks amazing! And I love the frame above, not to mention the stunning jars. The grey top was just the right touch! Can't believe what it looked like before. Hope you had a great weekend. Michelle

Heaven's Walk said...

Hey Li! Just popped by to say that I miss reading your blog. Hope you are well and that you're back to sharing your blog with us all soon! :)

xoxo laurie

Ness Forest said...

Virei fã do teu Blog... lindíssimo trabalho! Vou seguir! :)