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Monday, May 17, 2010

~ A Ruffle Flower for You ~ DIY

Dear friends, thanks for all the lovely and supportive comments on my last post. In fact, the snow melted after a few days and now we can enjoy the real spring in here. It's just gorgeous the weather right now!
I miss coming here, posting, looking for your posts! But I got pretty busy here with the kid's competitions, so that's why I've been away from the computer. After all the driving around I also needed some time for myself to just relax. So, that's what I did. Every Spring I have allergies (pollen, dust, etc.),so that's another thing that's been  happening with me right now, but I have to  live with that. Now, I feel much better and have to carry on with my life and projects that has to be done here.
I know I missed so many posts from all of you, but I'll try to catch up with all when the sun goes down.
OK, when I first started my blog I met this wonderful lady, far far away from where I live and I connected with her right away. I love her blog, her simplicity in how she live her life and do her projects. Her name is Ange, from Chair Up. If you never been to her blog, now it's a good time to take a visit and leave Ange a comment. I'm sure she'll be happy to meet new friends!
Anyway, when I first did a ruffle flower, Ange asked me kindly if I could show it how to do it, so this post I am dedicating to Ange and all of you who would love to learn an easy project to decorate your home, your purse, a tiara, a flip-flop, anything your imagination can think about. 
It's such an easy project and you can do it with any piece of fabric. This one was made with white cotton and it was a left piece I had from the shower curtain I made as well.
So, dear Ange, this flower is for you and the ones who love ruffles flowers!
So dear friends, enjoy this simple project. As I missed Mother's Day here, and sending warm wishes to all of you: a mother, a mother to be, those that are not mothers, but are caring (so they are mothers anyway!), to all of you, beautiful, creative,caring women I've met here and I'm still meeting every time I come here.
I have a piece I'm working right now to my first client. I'm very excited to see this project done. So my kitchen...Oh, my kitchen, has to wait a bit.
So soon I'll show you this cute piece of furniture ready to go to my friend's cozy bedroom.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are having a sunny and warm week!
Here is the DIY for the ruffle flower:

You will need:

  • a piece of fabric (this one was 1.20cm long) and the width I cut about 6cm wide.

  • scissors

  • sewing machine or you can do it by hand as well with a thread and needle

I like to iron the fabric before start any project made with fabrics

make a little pic in the fabric with the scissors

And tear the fabric all the way to the end ( I love the rustic effect!)

Sew in the ruffle mode (I hope that's how you say this)

when done with sewing, start pulling the thread for the ruffle effect

tie a knot on both ends to make sure it won't loose the ruffles and leaving some thread on both ends as well;start a flower by making a circle and continue until you finish with the fabric;

now, with the end of one thread, pull in through the center of the flower to meet the end of the other thread

flip it over to meet with both threads together and tie a knot to make sure the flower is secure.

That's it! The Ruffle flower is done!
these flowers are going to be on our daughter's room. She loves flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, fairies...

I hope it was understandable the way I explained the process of making this ruffle flower. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me. I'll be pleased to help you!

For some, enjoy the spring with the beauty of the flowers and the warmth of the sun and for others, the cozy fall, with the leaves changing colors and the breeze of the wind.

have a beautiful day everyone,

Cheers, Li


Razmataz said...

Li, you are so talented. Love how easy you make it look. Glad your allergies are better.

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

Oh...thank you for the lovely ruffle flower. There are sweet and endearing....simply perfect for any pillow. :) Thank you! You are so talented.


Ange said...

Thankyou so much Li, first for the kind mention on your blog and second, for this easy to understand tutorial. I am going to have a go at this in the very near future. I hope it turns out as well as yours do.
Your very first "client", you must be very happy about that!
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Hi sweet friend! Thank you so much for posting this! I have been wanting to try something like this for a while. Hope your having a wonderful day! Going to check out your friend now. xoxo

Linda said...

Thanks for the tutorial. My friend makes these and adds crystal bottons to the middle to make them a broach.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for sharing Li, I can't wait to give it a go and decorate a few things with some ruffle flowers! xx

Stina said...

It's beautiful, as always.:-) Hug Stina

Anonymous said...

Hi Li,
I'm so glad you visited. It's so nice to meet new bloggers, and it sounds like we have so much in common.:)
It sounds like you've been a busy, busy mom...I know the feeling.
Your pillow is lovely...your so talented. I wish I could sew like that. It would save me so much money!!
I've enjoyed browsing through your blog and am a new follower.:)
Have a great week! ~ Jo

Minnie said...

What a great tutorial. I love that you photographed and explained each and every detail. It makes me want to add ruffle flowers to everything! Maybe I'll just start with something in my daughter's room. She's not quite three but already appreciates little details like this. Can't wait to hear about the project with your client.

Cottage Dreamers said...

Great tutorial! I've been wanting to try these. I love Chair Up...she is so sweet and talented!
☺ Celeste

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Your pillow looks so pretty! Thanks for sharing...I may attempt to jazz up one or two of my pillows!

Wunderbares Zuhause said...

Dear Li,
thank you so much for visit my blog and for your lovely comment. I'm so glad to be here. The pillow with the lovely ruffle flower is so pretty....I think, I would try to sew it. Thank you for sharing.
Have a nice day!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Oh it's gorgeous, will you come over and show me in person :) I love Angie's blog too!!

Andrea said...

So lovely and beautiful... like a yoyo flowers...
kisses ;)

eva said...

Li, I loveeee the flowers on the pillow. You are brilliant. Have a great day.


Mariely said...

Que super passo a passo!
Minha mãe vai adorar ver, ela é louca por almofadas! =)

Unknown said...

Oh thank you Li for this tutorial!!! your cushions are gorgeous!!!
I'm glad that finally spring has arrived!
I'm having my very first giveaway and woul like to invite you to check it!


Vintage House said...

I do like those flowers you made.
Perfect and simple:)
Take Care

angela walker jewelry said...

Li, You are so talented!!! I love the tutorial too. : )
Your daughter is so lucky to have you as a mum..... and lucky to have such pretty pillows made by YOU!
Hope your allergies are better!
Hugs to you.
Health and happiness,

Brenda Pruitt said...

This is ultra cute! I'm sure your daughter will enjoy it. I couldn't find your email address. So I wanted you to know I've featured you on my Welcome Wagon Fridays. The post is now up.

Nola said...

Lovely ruffle flowers. Perfect in their simplicity. I just popped over from Cozy Little House where Brenda has you on the welcome wagon.

Pamela said...

Hi Li

Brenda sent me over. It's always so nice to meet another fellow Canadian!
I'm going now to look at the rest of your blog! I love white!
Come over for a visit sometime!
Pamela from French Buttons

Blondie's Journal said...

You have been featured at Brenda's Cozy Little House...I am so glad I had a reason to visit! I have been wondering how to make those little flowers, they are absolutely sweet!! I can't wait to see what you are making next!

I am glad that things are slowing down a bit for you and that your allergies are better. I am right in the middle of it and it really knocks me out. I can see the little white bits floating in the air! But I will survive!!

So glad I came to visit!


Tina said...

It is so wonderful to see you back Li, you have been missed here in blogland my friend! I love your ruffle flowers, they are beautiful and look fabulous on your cushion. Thank you for such a wonderful tutorial! Wishing you a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx

Maria | Vintage Simple said...

Oh, what beautiful work...and such kindness on your part to share the step-by-step. I love it. Thank you.

And snow in May?? Goodness. I guess I shouldn't complain about the fact that we barely had a spring and we're furiously moving into summer where I live... I wish we could all live in beautifully temperate climates, no? ;)


Susan Freeman said...

Hi Li! What a lovely blog you have. Brenda over at Cozy Little House sent me over to welcome you. What a charming pillow you made for your daughter. I'm sure she will treasure it. I'm your newest follower. Come by and visit me when you have a chance!

Susan and Bentley

Seawashed said...

It's a busy month for me too, shuffling kids around for end of the school year stuff. Allergy sufferer here too! I also have veggie gardens to take care of and yardwork. I won't be blogging quite as much during summer...gotta enjoy my children while they are still around. Your sewing is beautiful, always. ox

Anonymous said...

Your blog....lovely as lovely gets!


Ps. Thank's for nice comment on my blog!! Ds

Andrea said...

Oi Li, td bem?
Olha adorei sei blog tb por isso, vi q vc recicla e aproveita td!
Eu amo fazer isso... quase não jogo nada fora, até o óleo de casa faço sabão, e imagina limpa bem melhor q os comprados...
Alem do mais tenho um marido q tb me ajuda e faz movéis, mas pra frente vou colocar aki...
E sobre a msg passada, não te respondi pq fiquei muito ocupada esses dias, meus chinelos estão fazendo maior sucesso! Graças a Deus!
P.s: eu ainda não estou morando no Brasil, é q já estou com data de retorno pra não voltar mais pra cá (EUA) por isso estou com mania de Brasil... não vejo a hora de chegar! Desculpe-me se deixei a entender q estava lá! Mas assim q eu chegar vc vai ver coisas mais frequente sobre nossa linda terrinha...e muitas notícias!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about your weather it is crummy around here too. Cold rainy and yuck!

Deb said...

You make the cutest pillows Li! Glad to have you back, Deb

Maria | Vintage Simple said...

Hi. I'm back. To say thank you for your kind words. You're a dear - thank you ever so much. You made me smile and it was like you gave me a hug across the distance. Thank you, Li.

Enjoy your Sunday, dear.


Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Those roses look lovely made from the torn up fabric. I guess they are not made to withstand a laundering...

Greetings from Georgia/USA


Gaia said...

I wish I could make those beautiful flowers!
I think I'll have to try and try and try!
Have a great week!

Stacey said...

Hi Li,

I've only just discovered I'm not a follower...I've changed that! Very strange b/c I also thought I commented on your ruffled flower pillow too??? crazy, anyhow...I love it, and love your bathroom makeover too...the ruffled shower curtain is lovely. did you paint the cupboards yourself? I'm thinking of painting my bathroom cupboards as well. any tips? Thanks and as I've said, I'm a happy new follower : )