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Thursday, May 27, 2010

~ Kids Corner and for the love of Brown! ~

Dear Friends, as much I have a passion for white things I still can't think of having a "White Sofa". Why? Well, I don't have "little devils" at home. I should say, I have little artists and two little puppies who love to dig in the dirt! Our 5 year old is in love with pens, crayons, paint...maybe he's been seeing "me" painting too much around and he's getting inspired! Other day, Nick( my hubby) came home with new "sharpie pens" (those ones you can't remove it, for nothing). He brought from Univ. to work in a cardboard and Ewan found them. Can you imagine what happened? Yes, he draw beautiful dots on his white duvet. Luckily, the cover wasn't there (it was for washing) and I couldn't say much, except to show him he ones he can play with...
So that's why I can't YET have a nice, bright, white sofa in our living room and in our family room.
OK, here is part of our basement. The other part is under remodeling.
I'm not a "basement person". When I first moved to Canada I used to live in a apartment, close to UofA. Beautiful views and could see the city from above.
Then, moving to a house with three kids, it was the first experience I had having a basement.
I love to see the day light, the green(when is green) and the snow. So, I barely come to the basement, except for laundry and for a quick movie. It made me a bit claustrophobic. But since I made a few changes I can come more often and enjoy sewing, watching family movies with the kids and having a good time "underground".
So, for the love of "brown" and a few whites around, here is a pic of the "kids corner" I finished and the space we hang out with our blankets (it's always cool down there).
I hope you guys enjoy it and like it!
It was the closest thing I could make it to feel good down there.
Any suggestions to make it better are very welcome here!

This wood box was a gift from a nice neighbour from a block away from where I live. What a lovely gift! I left the way I got it (I think the old look is gorgeous!)
This one is from IKEA. It used to be pine and I painted in cream color and the drawers with chalkboard paint
This dresser I bought for $20 at Kijiji and painted, distressed and changed the pulls. They're all from LeeValley.
This chair above was another free gift from someone who didn't want it anymore.
And remember the little bench I reupholster a while ago for my bedroom? The left over fabric I used for these two chairs!
These are some Art Work from our kids. Oops...this blue one, the frame is a bit uneven...sorry Folks

I saved a few can and spray them for extra pens and pencils and the other two ones from IKEA-$.99cents each, and the table I got at Salvation Army, for $10 and sanded and wash painted.
An overall look from the stairs...

That's it everyone, I think I'm going to enjoy my little one a bit now until I have to pick the other two.

I wish a wonderful weekend for all of you!
Until next time :-)


Deb said...

Your basement looks great! If you want to cozy it up a little you could put full length sheers on your window to give the idea of an above ground room.

Creamy White said...

Thanks Deb for the idea! I love it!

Pamela said...

Hi Li!

I agree with you about basements...i'm not to crazy about them. But having said that I think yours looks fantastic and very cosy. I would have no trouble spending time down there especially in the winter months.
I really like that old box!

Pamela xo

Unknown said...

Your basement is looking very nice! I love your old box and I love the drawers and how you have labelled everyone's drawer! xx

Razmataz said...

I love that you have made it all about the kids. Their framed artwork looks great adn the grean peeking through on that box is lovely.

Ange said...

Hi there Li. What a wonderful space you have there to watch movies and hang with your kids. I love what you did to that dresser and $20, what a bargain.

Unknown said...

Lindo, lindo seu porão!
Parabéns por tanto capricho, amei o gaveteiro, super charmoso! Tudo o que você faz é inspirador...

Tina said...

Hi Li. I love your basement and after seeing yours, I wish we had one! You have made a lovely cozy space and I just love the artworks on the wall!!!! Wishing you and your sweet family a wonderful weekend my lovely friend ~ Tina xx

Kerri - Driftwood Interiors said...

That dresser looks great Li, and only $20 - what a bargain! And I think you might have a few little arists on your hands there, love their colourful artwork. K xx

Alaina said...

You have done a wonderful job on the basement, if you had not told anyone I don't think we would have known. I am sure your family has a lot of fun together there, there is always time for white later. I love how you hung your children's art work. Have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Li~
What a great place for the kids to hang out in. Love the art center! What is this "kijijii"? This is the second time of heard of it and such great prices!!
:) ~ Jo

Tricia said...

I love your kiddo's framed artwork there and all of your elements look great. Fabulous job on the white distressed dresser too, those name labels make it!
Enjoy the weekend Li!

Brenda Pruitt said...

With kids (I think especially boys, my daughter who has both, tells me), you have to accommodate them. But one day you will be able to buy the furniture you want in the colors you desire. My garden room is much like a basement, with only a couple of small skylights for natural light. I make the most out of this space with lighting. I think your space looks wonderful, and is kid-friendly.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

A great family room! Love how each person has a drawer of their own. And that so much of what you have has been given to you or bought on the cheap. A wonderful place to gather and play. Best wishes, Tammy

Minnie said...

What a cheery, cozy family room. I admire all your personalized touches and renovations.

My favorite element is the kids' framed artwork. It really adds just the right dose of color. Also love the chalkboard paint on that little cabinet (I have the exact one but it's still unpainted), the table, that great distressed box and, let me not forget, the makeover on that buffet/dresser. I can only imagine the fun you and your family have in the room.

Your room looks great as is. Maybe add some artwork above the couch and a colorful throw ready for cozying up with a book?

p.s. yes, i, too, know all too well, about those little artists. mine is a two-year-old who thought all our walls were just huge canvases for her crayon creations. lemme tell you, washable crayons are not so washable on walls. :-)

Home & Living said...

Dear Li,

thank you for visit on my blog, you make me happy.
I like you Blog and I come always.

Your House ist very nice and with decorating with very love.

Li, have a nice weekend

P.S. Sorry, my english is not so good

Linda @ Painted Whyte said...

Li i totally have an idea for you!!! Window frame mirrors above the couch!! Then you will feel like you are "above ground". We forsure have to get together this week. I can already tell from one phone conversation that we would always have lots to talk about lol. Its cool to have a friend who enjoys some of the same things!

Deb said...

Hey Li, such a cozy place to hang out with the have done a great job! Love the dresser! Deb

Unknown said...

Hi Li!!! I love the kids corner with the artworks on the wall!!! and that dresser is stunning and you buyed for 20$??? That'a a lucky find!!!!
Even if I have a litle daughter I hve a white sofa; I have a pair of covers and just change them when they are dirty!


Maria | Vintage Simple said...

I'm not a huge fan of basements, either, but I love what you've done with yours, dear. You've created a cozy, wonderful spot for the family to hang out in - beautiful.


Dreamy Whites said...

Hello Li,
I just wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog the other day! I also wanted to tell you that I really like your kids corner. It is very cute! I love the drawers and your table and chairs.
I hope you are doing well.
Keep in touch,
Your friend,

Stina said...

Nice place. That old box are really nice.:-) Hug Stina

angela walker jewelry said...

Hi Li! Love what you did to your basement! Everything looks so bright and cheery! The "art section" is so nicely organized too!
Hope you are well.
Health, happiness and hugs!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

I love it!! The pictures in the white frames are so cute! Thanks for stopping by today! Enjoy your week!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

You have been very creative in creating a warm and cozy room in your basement. Not to chill out but to feel warm, as you say, with the blanket... Great job done on the various projects and smart ways to use things!

Greetings from Georgia/USA


Laura said...

Hi Deb,
my name is Laura and I have been reading your blog for a while now; I am passing an award to you, please stop by if you can to pick it up! Look forward to more of your lovely posts!
laura curriexx
my summerhouse,

Laura said...

Hi Li!!!!!!
I am soooo sorry I wrote Deb instead of your name, I am not sure what happened! That name must have just been on my mind!! It was actually you I was writing to.. I havent had a giveaway (but I will be having one at the end of the week!) I was given a blog award and I wanted to pass one onto you! The picture (button) is on my page (the versatile blogger award) and you can `collect ` it by just copying it and pasting it to your blog, then you are supposed to write 7 facts about yourself (on your own blog)and choose 15 other bloggers to pass it onto. Thanks for your lovely comments; I must say, I loved your bathroom makeover - it has given me inspiration to tackle my own! Starting with that lovely ruffled shower curtain you made!
Hope you get this message, so sorry about the Deb thing!!
love, laura currie, summerhousexx