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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Treasures!

Hello everyone! After a few days off, here I am back to work. I went last weekend for a little 3 hours trip with my little son to visit a friend I haven't seen for almost a year and as the weather wasn't so bad for February, I've decided to go on this kind of boring/driving trip. While he was entertaining himself watching a nice movie I had to be alert and also entertain myself too, since the road has no curves and the scenery doesn't change much( I'm talking about driving in the Prairies cover with snow!). That's when an iPod works so well and a can of coca-cola!
Well, we all had such a good time there and that what really matters. But one of the nicest things that happened while I was there (of course, friendscome first!) was that I found online a few items for free (Yes, for FREE!)and others I got at a Thrifty Store where my friend and I went on Saturday afternoon for our day-to-find treasures!

Take a look at the beauties I found there:

With a nice coat of paint and new fabric to reupholster the chairs and the little bench, they'll be brand new!
See you guys soon,

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